While kicking around downtown Austin Tx recently my wife and I wandered into a well known Design store, and we found a bed we both liked ($4700.00 tag ) and as we were talking about it, I commented “I could / would like to build that” as one does. The wife without pause says “get to it”. Well I did get to it, and this is the result.

I built this over the past eight or so weeks, on weekends and nights. It became something of a second job, as I always seemed to want to get to the next bit before quiting for the night or weekend. I just couldn’t let it go. This was a challenging build as I have limited shop space. I built a 75″ x 80″ queen size bed in basically a one car garage. Things got a bit crowded.

It is constructed of primarily of Oak and Cedar with some “lesser” materials, birch plywood, pine, and douglas fir, making up the inside frame / carcass. It features six drawers, 3 on either side, constructed of Cedar. Each drawer is capable of holding 75 lbs. The drawers have soft close glides, a really nice feature. Much of the cutting / shaping of the pieces was done by hand. Repetitious pieces were cut  / milled with machinery. Little or no hardware was used except for the drawer glides and bed frame hangers. The joinery is simple and effective.

The Cat is optional.



  1. Lyn! That is really gorgeous. Nice work my friend.

  2. A work of art, Lyn! Reminds me of the back East workmanship by Stickley bros.

    commission for a headboard to replace my dreadful one? Something to hold my books and lamp looking good and maybe also kleenex and hand lotion etc not in plain sight?

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