So we took a little trip, flew into Los Angles, drove up the coast to San Francisco taking seven days to do this, making sure to spend a good amount of time in Big Sur as that was a big attraction for me.

Whilst planning this trip my wife had asked to see some of the places I hung out in in LA when I used to visit during the summers as a kid. I used to talk about these trips quite a bit. Plus her experience with LA was somewhat limited. So that was item number one. I spent almost all of my time hanging out in West Hollywood, near Melrose and La Brea. I did many other trips to most of the thing one might want to see there, but this trip was not about LA, it was just to cover what we could in a couple of hours that afternoon, then drive on up the coast. So I walked her up and down Melrose, which she was blown away by all the shopping opportunities such as

Now the thing to keep in mind is that my wife is not a fasionista or even that interested in shopping, hates it in fact, what she was blown away with is the fact that when you shop in other more pedestrian areas you see possibly one or two really unique  or quirky designs, here on Melrose however everything in the store is quirky and unique, and then there is store after store like this.

Next up was Sammy’s Camera as I wanted to pick up some photographic supplies anyway it was fun to go, the interesting thing is that when I was a kid, around eleven years old, I mowed just about every lawn in  my neighborhood to purchase my first camera.

Then on one of these aforementioned summer trips, I was walking Long Beach taking pictures and generally having a great time when I noticed the bottom plate of my camera was hanging off, so the inside of my camera was exposed to the sand wind and salt water spray. I was devastated. My wonderful cousins, whom we were visiting, in a fit of pity, took me to Samy’s Camera and purchased a new camera for me! My first Nikon.

Then I took her over to Hollywood to see Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, where I first saw “Star Wars” and then to the walk of fame which she had never seen.

Hollywood blvd has changed a bit from when I was a kid, it was always a tourist destination and a pretty famous place but they seem to have upped the “punch factor” a bit. Turned it up from “touristy” to “a bit disgusting”, well anyway it was kinda fun to show her some of these places.

Well I’ll leave you with a little excerpt of Hollywood Blvd, on that day.




Right Thats it for the moment, next post (part2) will be leaving LA and getting to San Luis Obispo, which had a bit of a surprise .


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