So we left off in part 1 on our way out of Los Angles and towards San Luis Obispo, which as I said had a bit of a surprise. The Modonna Inn was a bit of a surprise as each and every room is different and unique and err..uhm…. eclectic to say the least, have a look for yourself, we stayed in the Marguerite room.


Wow, its like knives on your eyes, so busy, and kitschy! We loved it anyway, as it is one of those things that if we hadn’t done it we would be wishing we had, just for fun, just to say we did.Madonna_Inn_03










Then it was on to the Hurst Castle, an amazing place, and something to see. The man himself and his lifestyle was something to hear about as well. This was something we had been told we need to see to believe. Yes indeed. The place is so incredibly detailed, the workmanship is amazing, real craftsmanship abounds. It’s in every nook and cranny.


We then headed up the coast and made our way into Big Sur. Neither of us had been to this part of the coast before, so now we are exploring! Cool. This is a place I have wanted to see for some time, we plan on staying there for three of the seven days. Thats next time in ( part 3 )

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