Finally Got ourselves to New York City, wow that took a while, always wanted to go there, and after having done it, I am sorry I didn’t do it sooner!

Amazing Place! The hustle and Bustle on the streets is palpable. This is a city that is more alive that any other I can think of. “Quiet” does not factor in here. I got to have my first piece of “real” Pizza as soon as we got there, priorities people! It was in fact fantastic as promised!

We immediately went about shopping which is its own great experience, to a real New York deli, to a bread store, and a coffee / bakery, and for that matter just about anything you can think of has its own store. You might say whats the big deal with that, its just shopping, well just go to New York and see. Its all these great little stores run by mom and pop, and the kids, and yes cousin Vinney. The concentration is such that within a single block you can have all the things you need within a five min. walk. I live in Dallas which is a great town but its a new town when compared to some others like New York. Its spread out and while most everything I need is a five min. drive, its a five min. drive, walking would be a much bigger deal.

The atmosphere there is like no other, it a really big city and you can feel it, but at the same time its the biggest little small town in the world. Its a walking town and we did a ton of that, but its also a city with a great working transportation system, cabs, subways, boats, and bigger trains for neighboring or at least close cities and towns. You can travel all over this place with ease, and when you do you notice subtle but distinct differences in the different areas, in the architecture, as well as the people, and the atmosphere. Truly a melting pot.

So without winging on any more enjoy some of the imagery I produced from this trip. I will be adding to this Gallery in the coming days, so check back often.

“War of the Worlds” 1953 is one of my all time favorite movies, and the 2005 version is not too shabby either. Many of you who, may or may not follow my flickr photo stream, (if you don’t you should) will know is that one of my projects is photographing toys in an appropriate environment. So for my latest photographic endeavor I decided to build some “War of the Worlds” models and photograph them in and around iconic Dallas locations, another of my favorite subjects.  So what if the Martian war machines rolled through our city……

These models were photographed in situ, at the time of capture, that is to say at the same time as the locations, it is a forced perspective trick that has been in use for many many years. This was a factor that I was unwilling to compromise on. This way the light is correct, thats the single most important thing for work like this.

A fair number of people who have seen these, asked where I got the images of the war machines, suspecting that I found them on the web and just photoshopped them in to existing pictures or built and rendered them in a 3D application, like Maya or Softimage. Nope.

I shot two sometimes three images, one for the Model in place on a stand and then move the model out of the shot and shoot a “clean” BG plate, and occasionally shoot a smaller model or move the model and shoot that as well. Once I had the images I removed whatever was holding the model via photoshop and using the “clean” BG plate to aid in cleanup then add smoke, fire, debris etc. I wanted a considered approach. I wanted to travel around a look through the lens and see the model in the frame, at the location and see if it told a story or had impact, not to mention just basic line up. This was for me a much more fun way to do this. I have made prints of these 18″x24″ and hope to do something interesting with them soon. If your interested in a print let me know.

Above I said I hoped to do something with these images soon, well soon is now, I have 4 of the 18″x24″ prints in the summer salon show at Kettle Art, in the heart of Deep Ellum for the next few weeks, the rest of the series of larger prints are currently at the Get Reel Goods store on Elm in Deep Ellum. I also have smaller 8″x10″ ish prints available at Makers Connect in East Dallas. So send all your Sci FI Dallas Art loving friends and family to these places and check it all out.

Below are a couple of progressions as an example of how these came together.

in the shop Progression_01 Progression_02 Progression_03

This series has been recently published on the DIY Photography and Faith is Torment websites, thanks tons to those guys and gals for posting this.


Fell free to comment and tell me what you think of the series.

There is also the Flickr Album if you would prefer to view it there.