So “I’m taking the bus” is finally here on my site, we made a short festival run and garnered two awards (see below) now we can run it here, enjoy!


    I just completed a “Commercial Spec Spot” that I Wrote and Directed, which is currently being considered for several film festivals, it has been accepted into two so far, the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival in Austin, Tx, and the The IndieFEST Film Awards in La Jolla, CA. I am very excited to see how many festivals it gets accepted into and how it does at the ones it winds up in.  This project owes its completion to a special bunch of people with whom I have the pleasure of working with. We form the “Film Club” to collective dream up, create, write, produce, and shoot short projects. This is an incubator in which people who may or ay not have live action production experience, but thats the whole point, to give an outlet for those that need it and provide a place for those who wish to try. All of our members do in fact have production experience but much of that is post production and VFX experience. Only a small number have actual on set live action experience outside of the post world, this then provides an outlet for that. It has the capacity to enrich and expand their experience and let them grow as artists. We are self funded, and self motivated. This is our first production, we have recently shot our second production, and are underway for our third production. Unfortunately I cannot as yet publish the finished piece until the festival circuit is done, so if you want to see it along with a bunch of other good work go to the festivals mentioned above, and support this kind of production so we can continue to bring you great media. I can however show you some stills from our production. Credits below the image gallery.

Update – The spot has been accepted into the  Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival as well, so thats three so far! Whoop !

Up-Update – Our little spec spot was entered into and accepted into 5 festivals total, so far we have won awards in two of these festivals,

The IndieFEST Film Awards we won an “Award of Merit” and at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival we won an “Award of Recognition”

we are still waiting to hear about the last festival on Nov. 11



41-award-of-recognition-spec-commercial indiefest-merit-color






I’m Taking the Bus

Writer / Director: Lyn Caudle
Voice Talent: Ray Chase
Voice Talent: Paul Allen
Technician #1: Rod Douglas
Technician #2: Joe Johnston
Assistant Director: Shane Wapskineh
Director of Photography: Jeff Masters
Prop. Master: Alan Chan
Wardrobe: Bill Nusky
Electrician: Nick Shirsty
Assoc Producer Tom Danen
Assoc Producer Gregg Wrenn
On Set Sound: Brandon Tharp
Second Camera: Brandon Tharp
Still Photographer: Kelsey Craig
Craft Services: Amy Grieshaber
Sound Engineer: Frank Pittenger
Music / Final Mix: Frank Salazar

Special Thanks to MPS Studios Dallas
for their generous support.


Finally Got ourselves to New York City, wow that took a while, always wanted to go there, and after having done it, I am sorry I didn’t do it sooner!

Amazing Place! The hustle and Bustle on the streets is palpable. This is a city that is more alive that any other I can think of. “Quiet” does not factor in here. I got to have my first piece of “real” Pizza as soon as we got there, priorities people! It was in fact fantastic as promised!

We immediately went about shopping which is its own great experience, to a real New York deli, to a bread store, and a coffee / bakery, and for that matter just about anything you can think of has its own store. You might say whats the big deal with that, its just shopping, well just go to New York and see. Its all these great little stores run by mom and pop, and the kids, and yes cousin Vinney. The concentration is such that within a single block you can have all the things you need within a five min. walk. I live in Dallas which is a great town but its a new town when compared to some others like New York. Its spread out and while most everything I need is a five min. drive, its a five min. drive, walking would be a much bigger deal.

The atmosphere there is like no other, it a really big city and you can feel it, but at the same time its the biggest little small town in the world. Its a walking town and we did a ton of that, but its also a city with a great working transportation system, cabs, subways, boats, and bigger trains for neighboring or at least close cities and towns. You can travel all over this place with ease, and when you do you notice subtle but distinct differences in the different areas, in the architecture, as well as the people, and the atmosphere. Truly a melting pot.

So without winging on any more enjoy some of the imagery I produced from this trip. I will be adding to this Gallery in the coming days, so check back often.