Right so it took ages, a full year, for me to get back to finish out our PCH 01 Trip, after an already amazing trip we eventually wind up in San Francisco. We stayed two days and saw a did as much as possible but it was not nearly enough time. I could easily live work and play there with little or no prompting at this point, except for the fact I cannot possibly afford it. Unless…. well we will just see.

City by the Bay

San Francisco has to be one of the best cities I have had the pleasure of visiting, culture, location, weather, food, history, and some industries that are near and dear to me, such as the film and photography industries. Most of the tech companies here are fabulous as well, my kinda town. Industrial Light and Magic is here for crying out loud! Its on the water! Its costal! Wine country is just north of here. So much to see and do.

San Francisco Bay

We did of course visit some of the touristy things you might expect, but we at least did it in one of the three wheel GPS guided vehicles. That was actually a good way to have a look around. We made stops when something interested us and took as much time as we liked and if we got off course the GPS lady would get us back on track easily, didn’t have to stress out over traffic and directions.

In the above gallery you will note more than a few tourist destination, such as The Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, The Plaza of the Arts, Street cars, Alcatraz, Lombard Street, and a number of other street scenes, I could just wander around and take it all in for ages.

This trip is one of the best yet, I highly recommend it to any and all travelers. This is a road trip not to be missed. We will probably have to d this again, but perhaps in reverse, from San Francisco to Los Angles, but spending more time in San Fran and Big Sur.
So to wrap this up I will leave you with a highlight reel I made alone the journey. Enjoy.

Costal Wanderings

Big Sur


Ok so in part 2 we left off on our way up the coast to Big Sur. Its not too far up from San Louis Obispo but its a great drive, you quickly get into the more forested areas that surround, and are Big Sur. Big Sur is an amazing place quite unlike any other, it has a serene laid back feel that invigorates and vitalizes at the same time. I can see why so many come here for the “therapeutic ” value. It must be a combination of the Rocky Ocean Coast and the Tall Deep Woods that march right up to the waterline. That and the fresh ocean air and mild climate make this a must do location. Somehow with all the tourism and fame of the place it still seems pure and untainted, unlike so many other popular spots.

On the way up you might get to see this..


We stayed in an amazing place the Glen Oaks, very cool, modern, and very zen. I could stay here a really long time,if only I could afford it. Funny thing was we had to cross the hi way to get coffee in the morning. Bring your french press and you’ll be good to go.

We explored several beaches and Ocean egresses. One of the first things was to go to Pfeiffer Park, we had no expectations or prior knowledge so we were pleasantly surprised by this place. Its a wonderful big beach with some magical rock formations with holes in them that the tide and waves ebb flow and crash through.

We spent three days in and around Big Sur, we traveled as far up as Carmel and Monterrey to see the Marine Aquarium. As well as Point Lobos, which is also an incredible place. We of course stopped to see the Bixby Bridge and take a quick tourist selfie. Carmel and Monterrey were both really great beautiful costal towns, could easily live in either, given a really tall stack of cash. We saw so much costal wonderfulness on this trip it will be really hard to outdo this.

Thats it for part 3 in (Part 4) we will complete the journey to San Francisco!