“War of the Worlds” 1953 is one of my all time favorite movies, and the 2005 version is not too shabby either. Many of you who, may or may not follow my flickr photo stream, (if you don’t you should) will know is that one of my projects is photographing toys in an appropriate environment. So for my latest photographic endeavor I decided to build some “War of the Worlds” models and photograph them in and around Dallas, another of my favorite subjects.  So what if the Martian war machines rolled through our city……

These models were photographed at the same time as the locations, that was a mandate that I was unwilling to compromise on. That way the light is correct, thats the single most important thing for work like this. Then I would remove whatever was holding the model via photoshop and add smoke fire debris etc. A fair number of people who have seen these, asked where I got the images of the war machines, suspecting that I found them on the web and just photoshopped them in to existing pictures. Nope I’ll have none of that! I wanted a considered approach. I wanted to travel around a look through the lens and see the model in the frame, at the location and see if it told a story or had impact. This was a much more fun way to do this. I have made prints of these 18″x24″ and hope to do something interesting with them soon. If your interested in a print let me know. lyn@lynspace.com

Above I said I hoped to do something with these images soon, well soon is now, I have 4 of the 18″x24″ prints in the summer salon show at Kettle Art, in the heart of Deep Ellum for the next few weeks, the rest of the series of larger prints are currently at the Get Reel Goods store on Elm in Deep Ellum. I also have smaller 8″x10″ prints available at Makers Connect in East Dallas. So send all your Sci FI Dallas Art loving friends and family to these places and check it all out.


Fell free to comment and tell me what you think of the series.

There is also the Flickr Album if you would prefer to view it there.

Right so it took ages, a full year, for me to get back to finish out our PCH 01 Trip, after an already amazing trip we eventually wind up in San Francisco. We stayed two days and saw a did as much as possible but it was not nearly enough time. I could easily live work and play there with little or no prompting at this point, except for the fact I cannot possibly afford it. Unless…. well we will just see.

City by the Bay

San Francisco has to be one of the best cities I have had the pleasure of visiting, culture, location, weather, food, history, and some industries that are near and dear to me, such as the film and photography industries. Most of the tech companies here are fabulous as well, my kinda town. Industrial Light and Magic is here for crying out loud! Its on the water! Its costal! Wine country is just north of here. So much to see and do.

San Francisco Bay

We did of course visit some of the touristy things you might expect, but we at least did it in one of the three wheel GPS guided vehicles. That was actually a good way to have a look around. We made stops when something interested us and took as much time as we liked and if we got off course the GPS lady would get us back on track easily, didn’t have to stress out over traffic and directions.

In the above gallery you will note more than a few tourist destination, such as The Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, The Plaza of the Arts, Street cars, Alcatraz, Lombard Street, and a number of other street scenes, I could just wander around and take it all in for ages.

This trip is one of the best yet, I highly recommend it to any and all travelers. This is a road trip not to be missed. We will probably have to d this again, but perhaps in reverse, from San Francisco to Los Angles, but spending more time in San Fran and Big Sur.
So to wrap this up I will leave you with a highlight reel I made alone the journey. Enjoy.

Costal Wanderings