Lodge 26 environs

    Recently I was asked to photograph the workspace and environment of an acclaimed Creative Branding and Design firm Lodge 26, that The Die Line did an article on, in their "Inside the Studio" section. The article is a look at the space creatives work in, the environment they surround themselves with and its importance to the creative process. So have a read, and take a look at the images. They did a great job on this.


The Smirl chapel relocation project

    I just finished a new video project. I was approached from a friend who got involved as a photographer on a special project, he was to photograph, document and archive, the teardown,  the moving and relocation, and restoration of a 120 year old chapel in Heath, Texas. Most of you will recognize Rockwall, Texas. Heath is just south of there. He was to be the still Photographer of note as it were. The people who he was working for however were on the very beginning of this whole project, which was going to be a bit expensive to undertake. So they hired me, at his recommendation, to produce a short film to promote the project and help to get the word out and raise money to accomplish this task. I interviewed, shot, edited and finished two cuts for them, a six minute piece with the backstory and history of this chapel, and what it meant to the people who had called it theirs for so long. I also did a one minute cutdown piece for social media. So....

So if you so inclined, go to The Smirl Chapel Relocation Project and find out more about this project.