Philo's Pholly Short Version

The one you write, the one you shoot, and the one you edit.

Philo Farnsworth invents the television, the single most important communication device to date, except it doesn't quite fulfill his vision and expectations.

When I first wrote and shot Philo’s Pholly it was just for fun, and comedic in nature, just a project I wanted to do. “ how funny if the guy who invented television, upon the first real test of the tech, he gets interrupted by an ad? “ This shorter version is that vision. However like the subtitle, and many pontifications before it state, there is the film you write, the film you shoot, and the film you edit. This was very much the case with this film. It went through the production cycle as one would expect, and for the most part it got through the writing and shooting mostly in tact, I discovered during researching this that Philo Farnsworth was very disappointed with how it all went down. So that little tidbit of information hung around inside my silly little brain while prepping and shooting this piece. Then during editing this I found another film inside of this original idea. In The longer version I discovered that I wanted to add exposition to what Philo was expecting, and what he wanted for the technology. I felt like it was missing an important point so I added these extra shots that exemplified exact opposites of what he hoped and expected the technology to accomplish, which to his bitter disappointment, is what actually became of television, rather than the grand unification of information, knowledge, and a better understanding of the human condition.

I finished and released that version almost a year ago, and it did pretty well at the festivals it was in, won an award of merit, which is great, but in a way I think I never really finished the idea, so this ( shorter version ) is that. Enjoy.

The Smirl chapel relocation project

    I just finished a new video project. I was approached from a friend who got involved as a photographer on a special project, he was to photograph, document and archive, the teardown,  the moving and relocation, and restoration of a 120 year old chapel in Heath, Texas. Most of you will recognize Rockwall, Texas. Heath is just south of there. He was to be the still Photographer of note as it were. The people who he was working for however were on the very beginning of this whole project, which was going to be a bit expensive to undertake. So they hired me, at his recommendation, to produce a short film to promote the project and help to get the word out and raise money to accomplish this task. I interviewed, shot, edited and finished two cuts for them, a six minute piece with the backstory and history of this chapel, and what it meant to the people who had called it theirs for so long. I also did a one minute cutdown piece for social media. So....

So if you so inclined, go to The Smirl Chapel Relocation Project and find out more about this project.